Sunday, March 2, 2008

21 Day Challenge!

I heard about this and decided to join in. I wanted to think of something I wanted to become a habit and I thought of an art journal. I have had the book for months sitting on my desk and I have cut out things and words for years(!!) hoping to put them somewhere. So this is the perfect opportunity to use them and give me a push to make this a habit!

So... this is my cover - the edges are in gold too. All blank pages, I think I got it at the thrift store along with a blue one. They are like brand new!

This is the inside cover... Crazy world hah!

This is last nights entry and title page. I want to use each quote and put it on each page somewhere.

This is todays entry.

It is going a lot faster than I thought and lots of fun. I want to keep making pages now and I have other things to do! I think it will be a neat thing to do while watching TV.

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