Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mar 19 - 25 in photos

Well, this week started off exiting - Sat the sign went up putting my house up for sale! eek.

Mar 20 - Still icicles hanging on here.

mar 21 - and a blizzard on Monday! First day of spring - right. hmph. I sold this sewing machine drawer to a girl in NYC and she wanted it in 2 days so I was at the post office this morning doing the paperwork for that.

Mar 22 - A page from the "Selby" book. Great spaces of artists and others. This is Karl Lagerfeld's study. Look at the books!!

Mar 23 - Grocery day and got some wonderful red strawberries from Florida. usually berries in March are a gamble up here but these are great! and 2 bucks.

Mar 24 - The SUN! But still lots of snow because its so COLD. 10 degrees below normal. Brr.

Mar 25 - Some wine by the fire at my friends house last night. Very nice.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mont Tremblant!

Last week was March Break up here in Ontario and a group of us took off for a couple days to Mont Tremblant Quebec.

I had never been here before and it is very cool! Kind of reminds me of Disney with the buildings made to look old and cobble streets - but neat too with outdoor patios, outdoor firepits and a huge skihill and the village at the base!

The weather was so nice for March in these northern parts! Sun shining and finally being outside and not being cold. wonderful.
This is the hotel we stayed at and some room pics.

The first night we had food in the convenient kitchen and then just out for a couple drinks.

The next morning we got up and went for breakfast at the Fairmont. SO GOOD. Huge buffet - lasted me most of the day and the hotel is so beautiful.

The buffet - everything from cheese, pastries, cereals, breads, fruit, omelettes made to order, waffles, as well as eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, and french toast with original Quebec maple syrup! And to finish off - chocolate croissants and maple baked crepes.

We took a tour of the hotel while we were there and I took some pics. A nice place to stay. This is the outdoor hottub and view of the village.

Then we went on a tour of the town.

Took a free gondala ride up the hill...

The afternoon was so bright and sunny - tons of people skiing. No skiing for me - never have tried it and to think this is the bottom THIRD of the hill - uh dont think so. :)

That night was St Patricks Day so a night out! Had a blast. Of course being March break - no shortage of people.

Notice the coolers on this balcony? This was across from our hotel.

And a left over beer glass!! omgosh - there were 3-4 people each having a hose. I can't imagine. especially since I don't like beer!

Late night and left in the morning at 1030 for the drive home.

Good times.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mar 12-18 in pictures

Mar 12 - Supper made with left over chicken, mush soup, peppers and mushrooms over pasta. yum!

Mar 13 - Book I am reading right now - very interesting.

Mar 14 - Sold a zazzle post card of HOO. yay!

Mar 15 - New to me shoes - always nice.

Mar 16 - Quick 2 day getaway to Mont Tremblant. Very cool.

Mar 17 - View from the room - Happy St. Pats!

Mar 18 - After driving from Tremblant, then home, the rest of the day right here. lol

I hope to do a Tremblant post tomorrow so check back for some neat pics!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Some more weekly pics.

Mar 5 - Yay! I got Sarahs taxes all done.

Mar 6 - Woke up to a TON of snow that I had to SHOVEL in order to get out. NOT impressed.

Mar 7 - Read most of this book. Run and get it from the library.

Mar 8 - A trip to Chapters. 3 discount books!! I am gonna cut these up after I read them. And make stuff - like collages... all kinds of thought in my head. That one large book was $80.00 new!

Mar 9 - a pic of the dwindling propane tanks under all the snow.

Mar 10- A day with my reader - it was over 300 entries. eek!

Mar 11 - Same spot 2 days later- lots of rain.... keep it comin!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

New weekly pics!

Feb 26 - woohoo! Exciting. Laundry in the dryer...

Feb 27 - ick. More snow.

Feb 28 - My entry for the sketchbook challenge "opposites" on flickr.

MARCH!!!! 1st. Change of my calendar. Wish those flowers were outside too.

Mar 2 - Grocery day. Got lots of fruits and veggies. I made a wonderful stirfry and then fruit salad for dessert. YUM.

Mar 3 - I got my tags! The ones I had done for the swap. I will try to make another post showing some details.

Mar 4 - and library day again. Anyone looking for a thriller/adventure author - James Rollins. Enough said. :)