Saturday, March 5, 2011

New weekly pics!

Feb 26 - woohoo! Exciting. Laundry in the dryer...

Feb 27 - ick. More snow.

Feb 28 - My entry for the sketchbook challenge "opposites" on flickr.

MARCH!!!! 1st. Change of my calendar. Wish those flowers were outside too.

Mar 2 - Grocery day. Got lots of fruits and veggies. I made a wonderful stirfry and then fruit salad for dessert. YUM.

Mar 3 - I got my tags! The ones I had done for the swap. I will try to make another post showing some details.

Mar 4 - and library day again. Anyone looking for a thriller/adventure author - James Rollins. Enough said. :)


  1. Good job keeping up with those photos!! I haven't posted mine for the week yet!!

  2. Great pictures Cheryl! The dryer one was quite abstract, lol. I'd love to see more details on the tags. I've never done tags or a tag swap, it would be nice to see what other people do.