Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mar 19 - 25 in photos

Well, this week started off exiting - Sat the sign went up putting my house up for sale! eek.

Mar 20 - Still icicles hanging on here.

mar 21 - and a blizzard on Monday! First day of spring - right. hmph. I sold this sewing machine drawer to a girl in NYC and she wanted it in 2 days so I was at the post office this morning doing the paperwork for that.

Mar 22 - A page from the "Selby" book. Great spaces of artists and others. This is Karl Lagerfeld's study. Look at the books!!

Mar 23 - Grocery day and got some wonderful red strawberries from Florida. usually berries in March are a gamble up here but these are great! and 2 bucks.

Mar 24 - The SUN! But still lots of snow because its so COLD. 10 degrees below normal. Brr.

Mar 25 - Some wine by the fire at my friends house last night. Very nice.


  1. Good for you for keeping up with the photos!! I can't believe you paid $2 for strawberries in Canada and we paid 2.88 in Missouri!!

  2. Love the photos especially the fire and the icicle.

  3. You amaze me!!! You make the "simplest thing" into a beautiful picture!!! Good for you!!!