Friday, September 30, 2011

Last week in Sept.

Sept 24 - A classic film. I really enjoyed my first viewing of this and the first film of Audrey Hepburn that won her an oscar and the views around Rome brings good memories too!

Sept 25 - A new ring for me. Silver and Amber. I have wanted an Amber ring for years since I read Dragonfly in Amber in the Outlander series.

Sept 26 - Big boxes of pumpkins at the grocery store...

Sept 27 - Yup Penguins on the way to work. That's one animal you dont think you will see! Cute little wooden ones. They will look so cute in the winter that's coming here soon. blech.

Sept 28 - Taken from Facebook. Love this.

Sept 29 - A very cool magazine to floss out your mind and get you thinking!

Sept 30 - Canada Geese seen on the way home today. Birds you DO normally see. :) Although they will be on their journey south soon.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall is here!

Sept 17 - And it's my Mom's birthday. Above is a long ago shot - me on the first day of school, my Mom and my Nanny. Happy Birthday Mom!

Sept 18 - A neat documentary about what happens when you google your name and then proceed to meet them!

Sept 19 - My geraniums still in bloom.

Sept 20 - What I am reading right now - very informative!

Sept 21 - A couple days back at the cottage and some morning fog on the lake.

Sept 22 - Does anyone else remember these? I saw these and instant flashback! You had to mark a spot and then twirl it and it made a picture.

Sept 23 - The road to work is getting prettier every day. Love it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Seth from The Altered Page put out a call for stacks of paper goods last week. The first thing I thought of was books! I work at the library and it is good and bad. Bad in that the selection of books is so immense and I have to have ALL the books. :)

This is SOME of my books out from the library. Crazy I know.

So as I was taking this picture, I looked around for more stacks. These are some of my vintage books to use in art...

My stack of vintage ledgers. Love to use in art and the look of the them.

And my stack of magazines that are not read yet!! I keep collecting them and saving them for a moment to savour.

This book is one of my most important ones at the moment. End Malaria is a book of articles from well known people with 20 dollars of the 25 dollar purchase price going toward mosquito nets. More info here. A great reason to buy a book!

Thanks for visiting and check out more stacks posts here starting Sept 21.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sept 10 - 16 Fall is coming quick!

Sep 10 - Fall flowers

Sept 11 - A great book! Over 45 different ways to make backgrounds and mix and match.

Sep 12 - Another great book. Got mine in the mail - ordered from Amazon. End Malaria. Only 25 bucks and 20 goes to nets! And a good read too.

Sept 13 - Library day. omg - my LIFE is books. :)

Sept 14 - A neat postcard in the mail.

Sept 15 - Gotta have the cookies. These are good, but really small and about 12 in the box. Seriously. Maybe 15.

Sept 16 -Brr. Sweater weather today! -3. MINUS 3 when I got up today. Celsius, but still.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Sept 3 - 9

Sept 3 - Hit a yard sale and score! Got some full packs of inkjet transparency films for a couple bucks! Can't wait to try some transfers.

Sept 4 - Some rocks that were given to me.

Sept 5 - Rescued from the garbage pile!

Sept 6 - Thinkin of a new hair cut.

Sept 7 - Some stamps, stickers and awesome paper!

Sept 8 - Library day. There are getting to be TOO MANY library books in my house. :)

Sept 9 - Beautiful day today and 26 degrees out! Love it.

Friday, September 2, 2011

And another month goes by.

Aug 27 - A nice sunset on the Rideau.

Aug 28 - Some fabric to make something...

Aug 29 - Some new clothes.

Aug 30 - Awesome cookies. Shortbread, chocolate, 2 bucks!

Aug 31 - Read this book! You'll laugh out loud, you'll cry, you'll remember and nod your head. And I'm only 1/2 way through!

Sept 1 - Library day.
Sept 2 - Lunch. Chicken breast, tomato and cheese on harvest toast.