Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 21-27 week in pics

May 21 - Weekly library trip.

May 22 - a vintage chalk board I have above my computer with my mantra on it.

May 23 - These are all CHALK paintings on sidewalks- amazing!

MAy 24 - Close up of a neat paper bag.

MAy 25 - one of my many bookmarks - see how the writing is on there from the pages?

May 26 - First corn of the season!

May 27 - and the regular scene lately - RAIN, RAIN, RAIN. This is not the north west people. There are no mountains here for rain effect - WHAT is goin on? blech!!!!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Third week in May....

May 14 - I had a bag of decadent cookies and these are reverse ones with white chocolate chips. I like the first better. But cookies are all good!

MAy 15 - Red sky at night...

May 16 - As usual, obsessed with NYC and reading books on history and places to visit. This page on the history of the Brooklyn Bridge.

MAy 17 - Getting caught up on my reader.

May 18 - Rain - again! But crabapples almost in full bloom.

May 19 - Driving near my house...

MAy 20 - Lilies starting to come up. A few weeks late up here.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekly pics

May 8 -Happy Mothers Day! I got a beautiful purple violet and wonderful card from my baby. Perfect.

May 9 - Went out and this is my drink of choice. Great Canadian Rye Whisky!!

MAy 10 - Book in progress - great advice on faux pas.

MAy 11 - Wonderful tiny belgian chocolate tarts - 9 for a dollar - yum!

May 12 - A necklace I am thinking of getting....

MAy 13 - Impulse purchase at the grocery store! I like lollipops - what can I say? :)

MAy 14 - some new books from the library.

New York City!

Finally - some nyc pics! A quick trip on Easter weekend to shop and hunt the thrift stores! I managed to get some museums and art in there too. :)

This is in the great Chelsea market - they converted an old Nabisco factory into shops and restaurants and kept the factory feel. Oreos were made here!

Walls of windows showing the making of huge amounts of bread and then you could purchase it.

Store windows stringing painted corks at Anthro.

A "heart" tree in Central Park...

Spices at the Greenflea flea market where there was also available fresh mozzerella, home made italian pasta, greek delicacies as well as great vintage jewellery and antiques. Loved it!

Skating at Rockefeller Centre on my way to 5th ave where they had closed part of the street down for the Easter Parade.

It is not like a typical parade with floats - just lots of people and dressed up and crazy costumes and hats!! Music, food and it was 73 degrees. Wonderful.

Like I said, crazy! This is a MAN. lol Gotta love NYC.

Then to MOMA.
A sample of stencilled wall. Each color done separately.

Some Andy Wharhol, along with all kinds of other great artists - Van Gogh, Picasso, Dali, Mondrian, Khalo, Monet, Pollack - oh, it was wonderful to see all these works.

I then went to the Morgan Library but no pics allowed. Stupendous. Awesome and jaw dropping. That's all I can say - if you love books and history this is a must see. I was there for hours just drinking it all in. There is an exhibit on diaries right now and I saw Thoreau, Pepys, Steinbeck, Einstein, Anais Nin, Bronte, a 16th century pirate, Hawthornes scarlet letter ideas, and many more. Pieces of history right in front of you.

There is also copies of the Gutenberg Bible - the first book ever printed on a press! Mozart's sheet music! And a tapestry that hung in King Henry VIII's castle! whuh... can you see why I love it?

The windows again at a different location of Anthro - all made with corks. Can you imagine the TIME?
All too soon, time to leave. I had to have a quick visit to Times Square and say goodbye. 2 days in not near enough and I WILL be back.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pics of the week...

The sun finally came out here in Canada!

April 30 - Warm enough to put clothes on the line..

May 1 - I made cupcakes and used this icing - baaaad idea. :) Eating it with a spoon is not the best choice but so good!

May 2 - Reading this book - she does a year of happiness finding ways to improve it. Some neat points and resolutions she made month by month.

May 3 - A delectable cheesecake treat! Yum.

May 4 - Census time!

May 5 - I went to my moms on Thursday to see her for mothers day and I got her these flowers.

May 6 - I stayed over and this is a painting I did on an old griddle that was a gift to my parents years ago. Can you see the 3 wolves?

Sun is shining again today and hurray!