Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekly pics

May 8 -Happy Mothers Day! I got a beautiful purple violet and wonderful card from my baby. Perfect.

May 9 - Went out and this is my drink of choice. Great Canadian Rye Whisky!!

MAy 10 - Book in progress - great advice on faux pas.

MAy 11 - Wonderful tiny belgian chocolate tarts - 9 for a dollar - yum!

May 12 - A necklace I am thinking of getting....

MAy 13 - Impulse purchase at the grocery store! I like lollipops - what can I say? :)

MAy 14 - some new books from the library.


  1. I want some of those chocolate tarts!! Beautiful violet from your daughter!

  2. Great pictures this week. That tart looks sooo good!