Saturday, May 21, 2011

Third week in May....

May 14 - I had a bag of decadent cookies and these are reverse ones with white chocolate chips. I like the first better. But cookies are all good!

MAy 15 - Red sky at night...

May 16 - As usual, obsessed with NYC and reading books on history and places to visit. This page on the history of the Brooklyn Bridge.

MAy 17 - Getting caught up on my reader.

May 18 - Rain - again! But crabapples almost in full bloom.

May 19 - Driving near my house...

MAy 20 - Lilies starting to come up. A few weeks late up here.


  1. You really shouldn't be taking pictures while you drive, you know, LOL. Gorgeous sunset and flowers. It is SO dark and threatening to rain here, I need all the inside lights on at noon! Gah.

  2. Love your red sky at night photo!! Beautiful!!