Friday, June 24, 2011

And this week...

June 18 - The remains of a dead tree that was too close to the house for comfort. Some wonderful friends - you know who you are! - cut this down and bucked it up in about 10 minutes! wow. Thank you so much.

June 19 - Indian Paintbrush flowers in my backyard.

June 20 - The start of a puzzle journey.

June 21 - Great inspiring book! 50 lessons we all need to remind ourselves of.

June 22 - Done! whew - this doesnt LOOK hard but wow. It started great and then just some pieces were crazy! At one point I thought I was missing pieces or they had extra ones... I can usually do puzzles pretty easy, but this one kicked my butt. I won in the end though!!

June 23 - a tintype I have listed on ebay.

June 24 - Water droplets on the leaves this morning - sparkling in the sun.

Friday, June 17, 2011

June 11- 17

June 11 - Spent the day with Carol and she got some wonderful raspberries. YUM.

June 12 - As well as some beautiful irises!

June 13 - A day of paperwork...

June 14 - The sun making shadows on my living room wall.

June 15 - Playing with daisies..

June 16 - Homemade banana bread - another YUM.

June 17 -If you ever wanted to make your own journal. A book I highly recommend - very detailed on supplies, how to's and examples.

Wonderful week here, nice temps and SUN every day and not too many bugs. I'll take them while they last...

Friday, June 10, 2011

2nd week in June....

And here we are already! Finally some nice weather and I am enjoying it!

June 4 - After all this rain, got my plants in.

June 5 - Nice day visiting with family...

JUne 6 - what I am reading this week.

June 7 - A new bag.
June 8 - a bumper sticker I saw and got this from the internet.. love the message!

June 9 - library day and I have so many great art books to look through!

June 10 - A wonderful day out there and my ferns in grand form.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

And another week...

May 28 - Some 3 week old puppies at my friends house.

May 29 - The sun! Time for painted toe weather.

MAy 30 - Very informative book I am reading.

MAy 31 - New shoes!

June 1 - Some rhubarb custard pie I made - yum!

June 2 - Tuscan salad from Mcdonalds! !/2 price coupon right now so a whole $3.40 comes with grilled chicken too.

June 3 - Finally got my flowers and some hanging geranium baskets - full of blooms!

Have a good week!