Saturday, February 26, 2011

My art used for a blog post

I received a nice email last night from a woman who was letting me know she used my art for a blog post she is giving about branding. Great post! Check it out here.

Pics from the week...

Feb 19 - A new painting in the shop.

Feb 20 - Some new books from the library.

Feb 21 - Some ceramic tiles to sell.

Feb 22- Tax stuff!!

FEb 23 - Some new clothes.

Feb 24 - A day spent with my girlie! We got some food for her - goldfish one of her food groups!

Feb 25 - From a book by artist Mark Ryden - he makes these drawings and artists in Thailand carve them out of wood in one piece for frames. So neat!

Have a good weekend!

Friday, February 18, 2011

New pics for the week.

Feb 12 - New works in progress.

Feb 13 - I silk scarf from India for my daughter.

Feb 14 - Book I skimmed.

Feb 15 - A neat burts bees tin.

Feb 16 - A new book I started reading about web pages.

Feb 17 - Grocery day!

Feb 18 - Drops of rain and melting ice and snow. What a wonderful sight.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Pics for the week...

Feb 5 Exciting eh? Dishes in the sink.

Feb 6 - My bird feeder.

Feb 7 - Drawing from a sketchbook from Mucha's. Fun.

FEb 8 - House and Dog sitting.. Here are 2 of the animals. Having a nice rest.

Feb 9 - And another animal! He always wants to eat. :)

Feb 10 - I put a new painting in my etsy store.

Feb 11 - A shot of part of my studio. I put some pics on flickr and put them on the Createmixedmedia flickr group called the Everyday studio where you can join and show your studio. is a new site for all things mixed media and creative. Lots of interviews, podcasts, book reviews, technique pdfs and info! Loving it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Something to share.

Isn't this awesome? Art by Tony Fitzpatrick. I just recently found him on the Junk Culture blog and had to read through his blog. Not only does he post these great collage works, but he tells a story with each one. There are series on hobos, superpowers, Tokyo and more!

Very cool.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Photos for this week

Jan 29 - paper remnants from new work.

Jan 30 - Are you a Leonardo? I am for sure! Check it out - Living the Multipassionate Life by Angie Dixon.

Jan 31 - Wow. Just wow. Things I didnt think could be done with fabric.

Feb 1st !!!!! Yay! I was at my friends for one night which turned into 2 since we were snowed in! This is before the storm hit and is a huge icicle hanging off her roof.

Feb 2 - The next nights dinner cooking in the woodstove - very yummy!

Feb 3 - Back home - to ever growing layers on my roof. Love the sky.

Feb 4 - Today. I uploaded some of my past art journal pages to my flickr. Really liking flickr.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Do you like junk?

And making stuff with it? And art? You have to check this out!

I have gone through all the posts and omg so much inspiration and artists - all using every day materials in some way.

Prepare to be blown away. Junk Culture.