Friday, February 18, 2011

New pics for the week.

Feb 12 - New works in progress.

Feb 13 - I silk scarf from India for my daughter.

Feb 14 - Book I skimmed.

Feb 15 - A neat burts bees tin.

Feb 16 - A new book I started reading about web pages.

Feb 17 - Grocery day!

Feb 18 - Drops of rain and melting ice and snow. What a wonderful sight.


  1. I love the title "Don't make me think"!

  2. Since the rain drops melting the snow were revealing lots of PINE NEEDLES!!! I'm assuming your home!!!! You're right that is a welcome sight....

  3. How did I miss these? That melting snow picture is a treat to the eyes! and so is the silk one!