Saturday, April 30, 2011

2 weeks of photos!

2 weeks together here - went on a spur of moment easter trip to New york! Had a blast and I will do a full post on all the pics I have of that but not for a few days. I want to get my dailies up for now.

April 16 - Some lace I sold online.

Apr 17 - Homework for the trip...

Apr 18 - A nasty cold I had for a few days...

April 19 - King of clutter clean up talking of money issues too.

Apr 20 - A branch falling in the night just missing that glass top table!

April 21 - A day working at the library.

April 22 - ON our way! A carnival setting up.

Apr 23 - this is a CAKE. They are both cakes actually. Very cool.

Apr 24 - Benches in Union Square.

Apr 25 - A new wallet from Fossil outlet.

Apr 26 - Close up of the awesome bags that we carried stuff in - 1.49 - can't beat them.

Apr 27 - Blowout sales of easter chocolate! yum - love these.

Apr 28 - Groceries and fresh grapes - .89c / lb.

Apr 29 - And library day again. eek! I have to get caught up on these books. Too little time!

Come back in a few days for the NYC pics!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

This week in pictures...

This is getting harder but at the same time a habit - if that makes sense? lol

Apr 9 - Last Sat. a lazy day catching up on taped shows and reading.

Apr 10 - From the March edition of Country Living - a shrinky dink bracelet! From

Apr 11- Reading this book - if you like high paced action, adventure, suspense, thriller - get a James Rollins book!

Apr 12 - My favourite yogurt - low calorie but doesn't taste like it.

April 13 - A shot of my front entry.

April 14 - My daughter is all done first year of nursing school! I surprised her with a trip to a hotel and dinner. This was the view from the room - if you look close you can see the windmills across Lake Ontario. We even went swimming! It was a lot of fun.

Apr 15 - We came home to this. :( Still ICE in my front yard and snow but it had melted A LOT and we did some yard work!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Apr2 - Apr8 in pics

And another week has come and gone! The snow is slowly disappearing and its getting warmer..

Apr 2 - I bought a mirror for my bathroom and it came with these 2 candle holders. I liked how they appear all packed up.

Apr 3 - NO more boots!

April 4 - a necklace I have been wearing.

April 5 - Got to have a book in here! This is a page from "A perfectly kept house is a sign of a misspent life". Lots of neat pics and articles.

April 6 - Got groceries and my fav cookies and for only 1.99! Are these a Canadian thing?

April 7 - SUN! and no snow outside of my bedroom patio doors.

April 8 - Got up to around 11 degrees above freezing so I took a walk back to the water behind my house. Huge red pines there and water gurgling...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring in Canada...

Means maple syrup time! A friend of mine has their own sugar shack and trees tapped. I will take you on a little tour.

These are some single buckets, but mostly all tapped into a plastic pipeline that brings all the sap from the tree into the sugar house.

This bucket is almost full!

Close up... :)

Then the sap gets boiled - it takes about 5 hours or so for the sap to become maple syrup.

Then it is bottled.


It has to freeze at night and be nice during the day for best sap running conditions. Since the forecast is for VERY warm weather this weekend - the season might be soon over.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

This week in pics.

Mar 26 - Library day - some of the books I got this time. Do you see a theme? :)

Mar 27 - Uploaded my sketchbook challenge to the flickr group page - this months theme spilling open. My head is always exploding with new ideas from all kinds of places...

Mar 28 - Hike to the base camp at Everest? Kayak with great orca whales? Track gorillas in Uganda? Sleep overnight in a giant cave in Switzerland? Some of the adventures I have earmarked.

Mar 29 - In the middle of this book right now. It grabs you and then appears throughout the day when you are not reading. Need. to. finish.

Mar 30 - Recipe from Country woman magazine that I want to try. Yukon gold potatoes, sweet potatoes, bacon, red pepper, hard cooked eggs, mayo, chipotle sauce, avocado.... yum.

Mar 31 - Out shopping with my girlie - got her some cool stuff for her place.

April 1st! hurray! and even tho I woke up to SNOW - I know it cant last now. Went for a visit to the sugar house of my friend where the maple syrup making is in high gear now.

Have a good week!