Saturday, April 30, 2011

2 weeks of photos!

2 weeks together here - went on a spur of moment easter trip to New york! Had a blast and I will do a full post on all the pics I have of that but not for a few days. I want to get my dailies up for now.

April 16 - Some lace I sold online.

Apr 17 - Homework for the trip...

Apr 18 - A nasty cold I had for a few days...

April 19 - King of clutter clean up talking of money issues too.

Apr 20 - A branch falling in the night just missing that glass top table!

April 21 - A day working at the library.

April 22 - ON our way! A carnival setting up.

Apr 23 - this is a CAKE. They are both cakes actually. Very cool.

Apr 24 - Benches in Union Square.

Apr 25 - A new wallet from Fossil outlet.

Apr 26 - Close up of the awesome bags that we carried stuff in - 1.49 - can't beat them.

Apr 27 - Blowout sales of easter chocolate! yum - love these.

Apr 28 - Groceries and fresh grapes - .89c / lb.

Apr 29 - And library day again. eek! I have to get caught up on these books. Too little time!

Come back in a few days for the NYC pics!


  1. I love seeing your life in pictures. Despite the fact I sometimes feel like a peeping-Lisa :-)

  2. You tell a great story in photos.