Saturday, April 16, 2011

This week in pictures...

This is getting harder but at the same time a habit - if that makes sense? lol

Apr 9 - Last Sat. a lazy day catching up on taped shows and reading.

Apr 10 - From the March edition of Country Living - a shrinky dink bracelet! From

Apr 11- Reading this book - if you like high paced action, adventure, suspense, thriller - get a James Rollins book!

Apr 12 - My favourite yogurt - low calorie but doesn't taste like it.

April 13 - A shot of my front entry.

April 14 - My daughter is all done first year of nursing school! I surprised her with a trip to a hotel and dinner. This was the view from the room - if you look close you can see the windmills across Lake Ontario. We even went swimming! It was a lot of fun.

Apr 15 - We came home to this. :( Still ICE in my front yard and snow but it had melted A LOT and we did some yard work!


  1. I've got to hand it to you for keeping going on this. I've been thinking that now that the seasons have changed i might start in agin-maybe in May. Something different to photograph!!

  2. Your photos are always so interesting and colorful.