Saturday, April 9, 2011

Apr2 - Apr8 in pics

And another week has come and gone! The snow is slowly disappearing and its getting warmer..

Apr 2 - I bought a mirror for my bathroom and it came with these 2 candle holders. I liked how they appear all packed up.

Apr 3 - NO more boots!

April 4 - a necklace I have been wearing.

April 5 - Got to have a book in here! This is a page from "A perfectly kept house is a sign of a misspent life". Lots of neat pics and articles.

April 6 - Got groceries and my fav cookies and for only 1.99! Are these a Canadian thing?

April 7 - SUN! and no snow outside of my bedroom patio doors.

April 8 - Got up to around 11 degrees above freezing so I took a walk back to the water behind my house. Huge red pines there and water gurgling...


  1. GORGEOUS happy pictures!! The candle holders looked like some kind of medievel bra or something, LOL. We have President's Choice stuff here too. And love the necklace and the snow free landscape! Happy Spring!

  2. I could have gone all day and not seen those chocolate chip cookies--now I want some!! WAH!! I'm with Lisa on the candle holders!