Friday, July 29, 2011

last week in July!

July 23 - Taken from a tumbler site...

July 24 - This girl drew everything she bought with the price and date.

July 25 - Some rain! It's pretty rare around here lately.

July 26 - Library run - SOME of the books I brought home.

July 27 - Afternoon snack!

July 28 - My first packing tape transfer attempt - Love it! So cool.

July 29 -Taken just a few minutes ago in my backyard - Thunderheads as my Great - Grandma would call them.

Might be getting thunderstorm tonight. I love those.

Friday, July 22, 2011

7 days in July....

July 16- Sarah's Hydrangeas - so beautiful and as round as your head!

July 17 - Grocery day and some new snacks - yum!

July 18 - What I'm reading right now - Love her and say no to the word DIET ever again. Eat what you want - just not too much and listen to your body.

July 19 - My morning friend having his morning snack - see his mouth full of leaves?

July 20 - my in progress smash journal - got all the holes punched and together.

July 21 - By my side at all times this week! Just a LITTLE warm here - up to 36C. Yikes.

July 22 - On my agenda for tonight - while sitting in front of that fan. :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15th already?

July 9 - Just a FEW people out on the screened porch.

July 10 - Now that's a fish.

July 11 - Came home from a great long weekend at the cottage to the new Art Journaling magazine.

July 12- Library run!

July 13 - And the one I'm reading right now....

July 14 - Cool moon last night - the view from my bedroom.

July 15 - And now yellow lilies out now.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 2- 8

July 2 - My lily is in bloom! This is one of them.

July 3 - So I sketched it in watercolor and ink. Like the contrast.

July 4 - Work in progress...

July 5 - My art room with PAPER everywhere. I will show you what I am making soon..

July 6 - Finished this book - a good read and what we all NEED to have.

July 7 - Now, my lilies don't even compare to Carols!

July 8 - Cupcake from Anniversary party at the cottage.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Last week in June...

June 25 - Opening day of bass! Lots of other kinds of fish in there too - so good!

June 26 - A close up of my coleus.

June 27 - And a cosmos.

June 28 - Wonderful book - a collection of different collage artists.

June 29 - visiting with Sarah and her new shoes. :)

June 30 - Listing some things in my vintage etsy shop.

July 1 - Happy Canada Day!