Friday, July 29, 2011

last week in July!

July 23 - Taken from a tumbler site...

July 24 - This girl drew everything she bought with the price and date.

July 25 - Some rain! It's pretty rare around here lately.

July 26 - Library run - SOME of the books I brought home.

July 27 - Afternoon snack!

July 28 - My first packing tape transfer attempt - Love it! So cool.

July 29 -Taken just a few minutes ago in my backyard - Thunderheads as my Great - Grandma would call them.

Might be getting thunderstorm tonight. I love those.


  1. Great packing tap transfer--you rock keeping up with all these photographs!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your day in such a colorful way. Sheesh read a Carla Sonheim page where she is rhyming randomly and now can't stop - LOL Lori W at Art Camp for Women and the froup