Friday, July 22, 2011

7 days in July....

July 16- Sarah's Hydrangeas - so beautiful and as round as your head!

July 17 - Grocery day and some new snacks - yum!

July 18 - What I'm reading right now - Love her and say no to the word DIET ever again. Eat what you want - just not too much and listen to your body.

July 19 - My morning friend having his morning snack - see his mouth full of leaves?

July 20 - my in progress smash journal - got all the holes punched and together.

July 21 - By my side at all times this week! Just a LITTLE warm here - up to 36C. Yikes.

July 22 - On my agenda for tonight - while sitting in front of that fan. :)


  1. What is that temp farenheit? I love Bethany Frankel--do you like her book and have you read any of her cookbooks?

  2. Cheryl, you've got some really awesome pictures there! Do you find it gets easier or harder to keep up with the one picture a day challenge? I'm so proud of you for keeping up, you're past the halfway mark!

  3. OMG-LOVE flowers! I think those of us that have hard winters need flowers like other people need water. Your pictures are great! So is you book selection. My raspberries are late this year and since I saw your picture, think I'll just go outside in my PJs and get me some! Lori W at Art Camp for Women and the froup

  4. I'm really enjoying your blog! Love the way you share snapshots of your week. We have a lot in common, I can tell...the countless books, the art, and I just saw Letters to Juliet a few nights ago myself!