Friday, August 5, 2011

And another week in a gorgeous summer...

July 30 - A wonderful sun filled weekend at the cottage.

July 31 - Carol going for a sunset kayak ride.

Aug 1 - Holiday here in Canada and time for some dock repairs. These docks got ripped out by the ice in the spring.

Aug 2 - A spread of Barbara Streisand's new house that she built in her new book called "My passion for design" Amazing. I am halfway through and the attention to detail is crazy.

Aug 3 - After all my blooms were done and fell off, my plants have been just green leaves! This week some more new buds started appearing - yay!

Aug 4 - The backside of an envelope I made to send my daughter a note...

Aug 5 - and of course Library day! Some of the books I brought home - so many interesting ones.


  1. I always love seing your stack of books!

  2. It has been an incredible summer hasn't it? I am making a book list so I don't forget all the titles you show. Lori at Art Camp for Women