Friday, August 19, 2011

Aug 13 -19

Aug 13 - One of my favourite lunches. Toasted cinnamon raison bagel with salami and old cheese and melted in the microwave.

Aug 14 - Reading right now - good book!

Aug 15 - The light was really neat but too dark, played around with it.

Aug 16 - Some of my books this week.

Aug 17 - Went to a local plowing match and saw lots of antique tractors.

Aug 18 - Some dogs think they are humans.

Aug 19 - A gift from a friend - so cool!


  1. what is old cheese? Do you really mean OLD cheese--like all hard and stale?

  2. Hi Cheryl. You just welcome me to that group that I just joined yesterday, so I thought I would come in here and leave a comment on your blog. Just want to say, I just love your adorable dog. I just love dogs so much. Anyway, I will come back again and leave another comment. Hugs, Francine

  3. I have to say... some of your pictures are getting really creative. They're not just "snapshots" but works of art!