Saturday, April 2, 2011

This week in pics.

Mar 26 - Library day - some of the books I got this time. Do you see a theme? :)

Mar 27 - Uploaded my sketchbook challenge to the flickr group page - this months theme spilling open. My head is always exploding with new ideas from all kinds of places...

Mar 28 - Hike to the base camp at Everest? Kayak with great orca whales? Track gorillas in Uganda? Sleep overnight in a giant cave in Switzerland? Some of the adventures I have earmarked.

Mar 29 - In the middle of this book right now. It grabs you and then appears throughout the day when you are not reading. Need. to. finish.

Mar 30 - Recipe from Country woman magazine that I want to try. Yukon gold potatoes, sweet potatoes, bacon, red pepper, hard cooked eggs, mayo, chipotle sauce, avocado.... yum.

Mar 31 - Out shopping with my girlie - got her some cool stuff for her place.

April 1st! hurray! and even tho I woke up to SNOW - I know it cant last now. Went for a visit to the sugar house of my friend where the maple syrup making is in high gear now.

Have a good week!

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