Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pics of the week...

The sun finally came out here in Canada!

April 30 - Warm enough to put clothes on the line..

May 1 - I made cupcakes and used this icing - baaaad idea. :) Eating it with a spoon is not the best choice but so good!

May 2 - Reading this book - she does a year of happiness finding ways to improve it. Some neat points and resolutions she made month by month.

May 3 - A delectable cheesecake treat! Yum.

May 4 - Census time!

May 5 - I went to my moms on Thursday to see her for mothers day and I got her these flowers.

May 6 - I stayed over and this is a painting I did on an old griddle that was a gift to my parents years ago. Can you see the 3 wolves?

Sun is shining again today and hurray!


  1. Love all your pictures. I sure would like to have that cheesecake and fruit about now

  2. So glad the sun is shining!! The hydrangeas are beautiful!!