Friday, February 4, 2011

Photos for this week

Jan 29 - paper remnants from new work.

Jan 30 - Are you a Leonardo? I am for sure! Check it out - Living the Multipassionate Life by Angie Dixon.

Jan 31 - Wow. Just wow. Things I didnt think could be done with fabric.

Feb 1st !!!!! Yay! I was at my friends for one night which turned into 2 since we were snowed in! This is before the storm hit and is a huge icicle hanging off her roof.

Feb 2 - The next nights dinner cooking in the woodstove - very yummy!

Feb 3 - Back home - to ever growing layers on my roof. Love the sky.

Feb 4 - Today. I uploaded some of my past art journal pages to my flickr. Really liking flickr.


  1. I love the scrap paper photo and the giant icicle!

  2. great photos! Love the giant icicle!

  3. It's amazing how a few photos can capture what you have been up to for a week. Yours are no exception. They are wonderful and interesting. Love the dinner cooking in the woodstove and the long icicle!