Friday, February 11, 2011

Pics for the week...

Feb 5 Exciting eh? Dishes in the sink.

Feb 6 - My bird feeder.

Feb 7 - Drawing from a sketchbook from Mucha's. Fun.

FEb 8 - House and Dog sitting.. Here are 2 of the animals. Having a nice rest.

Feb 9 - And another animal! He always wants to eat. :)

Feb 10 - I put a new painting in my etsy store.

Feb 11 - A shot of part of my studio. I put some pics on flickr and put them on the Createmixedmedia flickr group called the Everyday studio where you can join and show your studio. is a new site for all things mixed media and creative. Lots of interviews, podcasts, book reviews, technique pdfs and info! Loving it.


  1. I always love animal photos-the sheep is cute and dogs with those long legs always look so gangly when sleeping. Nice photo of your dishes!! LOL! Have to post mine tomorrow!!

  2. Ha, nice pics. It's so fun to see what you guys come up with around the house. Sheepie is adorable. And you fish painting is cool. I am loving seeing all the cool paintings you're creating lately!