Friday, June 24, 2011

And this week...

June 18 - The remains of a dead tree that was too close to the house for comfort. Some wonderful friends - you know who you are! - cut this down and bucked it up in about 10 minutes! wow. Thank you so much.

June 19 - Indian Paintbrush flowers in my backyard.

June 20 - The start of a puzzle journey.

June 21 - Great inspiring book! 50 lessons we all need to remind ourselves of.

June 22 - Done! whew - this doesnt LOOK hard but wow. It started great and then just some pieces were crazy! At one point I thought I was missing pieces or they had extra ones... I can usually do puzzles pretty easy, but this one kicked my butt. I won in the end though!!

June 23 - a tintype I have listed on ebay.

June 24 - Water droplets on the leaves this morning - sparkling in the sun.

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  1. George and I always have a puzzle going--love to work them--we like Charles Wysocki and Heronim scenes. What you call indian paintbrush is not the same flower as what we call Indian paintbrush here.