Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall is here!

Sept 17 - And it's my Mom's birthday. Above is a long ago shot - me on the first day of school, my Mom and my Nanny. Happy Birthday Mom!

Sept 18 - A neat documentary about what happens when you google your name and then proceed to meet them!

Sept 19 - My geraniums still in bloom.

Sept 20 - What I am reading right now - very informative!

Sept 21 - A couple days back at the cottage and some morning fog on the lake.

Sept 22 - Does anyone else remember these? I saw these and instant flashback! You had to mark a spot and then twirl it and it made a picture.

Sept 23 - The road to work is getting prettier every day. Love it.


  1. There is another Janet Ghio I found when I googled. I've emailed her a couple of times--she has never responded back.

  2. Your photos are beautiful! Especially the foggy lake one. I love the fog. I love that you're keeping up with the picture a day task. So proud of you! And happy birthday to mom!