Friday, September 9, 2011

Sept 3 - 9

Sept 3 - Hit a yard sale and score! Got some full packs of inkjet transparency films for a couple bucks! Can't wait to try some transfers.

Sept 4 - Some rocks that were given to me.

Sept 5 - Rescued from the garbage pile!

Sept 6 - Thinkin of a new hair cut.

Sept 7 - Some stamps, stickers and awesome paper!

Sept 8 - Library day. There are getting to be TOO MANY library books in my house. :)

Sept 9 - Beautiful day today and 26 degrees out! Love it.


  1. Cheryl! I adore that haircut!! Fabulous!!

  2. Great pictures! Love the rocks and the wooden box. And the haircut... beautiful. Go for it! I wanna see it on YOU :-D