Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mar 12-18 in pictures

Mar 12 - Supper made with left over chicken, mush soup, peppers and mushrooms over pasta. yum!

Mar 13 - Book I am reading right now - very interesting.

Mar 14 - Sold a zazzle post card of HOO. yay!

Mar 15 - New to me shoes - always nice.

Mar 16 - Quick 2 day getaway to Mont Tremblant. Very cool.

Mar 17 - View from the room - Happy St. Pats!

Mar 18 - After driving from Tremblant, then home, the rest of the day right here. lol

I hope to do a Tremblant post tomorrow so check back for some neat pics!


  1. Cheryl, I like your "daily life" pics. That snowy mountain was incredible as was the view out your window. Although I bet the couch view was the best. I LOVE your owl painting!

  2. I love to visit the snow from my warm seat in front of the PC,dinner looks yummy too!

  3. Cheryl-good for you for keeping up with the photos. I suddenly just ran out of steam with the photo project! That book looks very interesting. I think I will see if it is available at our library. Exciting news-with the sign in the yard and spring coming--keeping my fingers crossed!