Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday monday...

I ordered this magnet from Lisa Kaus awhile ago.. It came all packaged pretty.

I got this one - it's a nice big size and the quality is really good and only 4 bucks! I have it in my art room now where I can see it. I seem to see this message everywhere and it is so true -- to be happy.

I also put up some wallpaper packs on etsy. I have different color combinations that you don't see everywhere.

I am away for the next couple days to a friends cottage. YAY! Mornings on the dock, sound of the loons, boat rides, campfires and reading and relaxing! Can't wait. I'll try to take some pictures that capture it.

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  1. cheryl,
    post something new! great to see your page in the freshly received ArtFest 2008 Dorm 202 fatbook.
    see you again? what are you planning on taking? staying in 202?