Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A couple good books...

Well, here in the north woods of Canada, we are again getting pelted with snow - up to 6 more inches today and it's been coming all day. Buses still went, but not nice out.

A good day to read!

But not to take pics as you will see :) Sorry about that...

These are a couple books I have looked at recently and I recommend them to you!

The first is Artist's Interiours and the author went to each house and interviewed and took pics of all the houses. A really nice range from all over the world and all different artists.

THis is the BATHROOM in this house that is covered in tiles. He stopped counting at almost a million -eek! THe cups running down the wall and the spout on the bathtub are just too cool.

I guess this house can be taken a tour of and is in new Jersey. Sounds like a road trip!

THe next book is Flea market decorating - right up my alley cause I have lots of Junk .. er treasures that I could use and repurpose. Lots of cool ideas.

I love this upside down back of a dresser.. this is on my to-do (someday) lol for sure!

Keep warm!

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