Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some perks...

I may complain sometimes - ok alot - in the winter about living in the north woods, but these days are just about perfect. Sunny, breezy and not too hot. 

We leave our lawn wild so no mowing- YAY! but also we get these in the front yard.

Wild blueberries just ripe for picking. 

Which I did yesterday and had a yummy breakfast this morning.

There was also tons of these. But I have no clue what they are. Anyone?

My booty from the garden yesterday. Don't laugh! It's just starting and it looks like I'm gonna be finding some tomato recipes.

I can't wait!


  1. will make it across the border to canada someday!!

  2. Ha-ha! Sorry...I am laughing at your bounty!! BUT I LOVE it ... much better than mine. My three year old keeps picking off the tomatoes when green, at least yours are RED!

    I'm sure your garden will be bountiful, thanks for sharing.

    Oh, and those berries look SOOO yummy!


  3. lucky you it's so hot here in lisbon would love to have a garden......love your vegetables!!!!!! have you receive any pages yet? i haven't. best

  4. Hi sweetie!

    First, thank you so much for visitin' the Yaya! Being down here in bayou country---it is HOT, and that "cool breeze" ya'll get sounds really good right now! :)

    I LOVE blueberries!!!! Have a fist full for me...xo...deb

  5. Those berries look amazing. I bet they taste that way as well! :D

    yapping cat