Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I hear and see all kinds of spring talk out there in blogland..

this is a peek this morning of Feb up here in north Canada.


Maybe in a few weeks..

It doesn't stop the birds though!


  1. Cute little chickadee. Can't say the same for the snow. I live in Missouri and we are getting sick of the cold weather--not so much snow as you, but when is spring coming???

  2. Chickadees are my favorites ! Still winter here too though a bizarre one. Today we have had every kind of preciptation known to man...right now it is pouring rain that will freeze over night and create that icy mess !
    Only a few weeks to go though...

  3. Cheryl, your pictures are pretty! I use to have lots of bird feeders when I lived in the US. Spring is almost here in Greece..the lemon trees are about to bloom!