Wednesday, April 28, 2010


For my work, I am doing 10 tasks learning Web 2.0 technologies.

This weeks task is to listen to a podcast and report on it and how podcasts could be used in a library setting.

I have listened to some, but for this task I listened to one at voodoo lounge - a blog by Rice Freeman-Zachery who is a very creative person herself! I listened to her interview Kelly Rae Roberts who I wanted to hear more about. The podcast is here.

I have a print of hers that you can see in my top banner, and I also have her book Taking Flight. Her website is here.

It was very informative, telling of how she started and advice for people that want to start being more creative or pursue their art. It is nice to put a voice to a name too. Pretty cool.

I can see how people could get caught up in these! There are tons of art and craft podcasts and I am glad I now have a connection that is fast enough. Very cool that they could be put on ipods too and listened on a commute or waiting in line!

I think there are a few ways these could be used in a library. There are many podcasts on book and DVD reviews, and many meet the author ones. It would be interesting to get to know a favourite author better.

If a patron showed an interest in a subject, for example travel - we could also point out the podcasts for more information. We could have links on the website sorted by subjects and pointing people to the different places to download.

Just like audio books are good for car trips or people with vision impairments, these would be good for that as well.

Very interesting!

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  1. Thanks for the links to your podcast and Roberts' website. I have to check out her book!

    Also thank you for mentioning accessibility issues in libraries. Podcasts are one way of bridigng that divide.