Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Willowing week 1

I joined the other 1000 (!!) people in this free class just for fun, but it has been really good!

The first week is an art journal spread where you write all your negative thoughts on one side and then cover them up with layers and then take those thoughts and turn them around to what they are trying to save you from.

On the other page she then shows you how to do a face and there are so many different results! So cool. I put glasses on mine since it is supposed to represent me (although I dont have long flowing hair!)

This is the finished page.

Drawing the portrait and covering up left page with gesso.

Start of the layering...

Layers of paint, stamping, gesso, crayons....

One thing I found out and would recommend is to take a picture. I thought I was done and after I looked at the image I could see things that needed improvement. A different outlook I guess.

See what I mean - this is a series of 3. After I took one, I took another and added more. What a difference! And I didn't do much. So subtle changes can make a big difference.

This was very cool and I look forward to week 2!


  1. I LOVE her glasses!!! Right one from your most myopic friend!!!

  2. Great face, well done! She's fabulous.

  3. Nice work. Good tip about looking at a pic to see what needs to be altered a bit.

  4. This is great. So much personality. I've heard that about pics but never took the time to do it.
    Great job.

  5. great work,she has personality!

  6. Wow, she looks Fabulous! Great job Cheryl. And I love that you gave her glasses, it makes her so much more real. (From a fellow 4-eyes!)

  7. wowsers...ain't she well created!...love the shape of her lips, not always easy to create. Kudos Cheryl!

  8. What a wonderful job you have done! I love your portrait - so much character and well drawn! Congrats!

  9. wow Cheryl! love her. and AWESOME glasses! i have tried putting glasses on so many of my girls and always fail! seriously, glasses are hard! you did them beautifully.