Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Willowing week 2

First was to make a background on an old childrens board book. With gesso, stamps, paint and watercolor crayons. Then a transfer of me when I was a child. yeah, that's me with my mouth wide open in my high chair. lol! Same as now right? Always laughing and talking. A good thing I guess.

Then I had to write a letter to my small self and what I would wish for her.

Turns out a lot of things I have and want in my own life!

The next spread was to do a piece that represented the opposite of a traumatic event in your childhood. I didnt have one so to do a time when you were happy. The first things I could think of was my tire swing and playing in the haymow.

The thing that was cool was that I knew I wanted a tree on one page and a barn on the next and when I turned the page and started looking to do the background - there was a tree on one side and a barn on the other!! Very freaky.

So I used kids book pages to make part of the background and the whimsy is of myself since the memories are by myself. That continues now too - I like my alone time.

Once I can get the next videos to load - ugh! I can get started on the next lesson. Looks like we are making a stuffed monster!


  1. Love the story about the whimsey page already having just the right scenery!! Syncronicity!! That monster to make is cute!!

  2. Love your little girl whimsey - so cute! I am about to work on my page too. I had fun sketching the whimseys and now am about to paint them. Willowing makes it look so easy, doesn't she?

  3. Some interesting uses of materials with terrific results.