Friday, October 7, 2011

Oct 1 - Oct 7.

Oct 1 - Yup, just a FEW pine trees around my house. This is one day.

Oct 2 - Home made apple pie ( not by me)

Oct 3 - A neat stencil in a craft book

Oct 4 - Some of my stack of library books.

Oct 5 - Fall in Ontario. woot!

Oct 6 - Very interesting..

Oct 7 - Beautiful fall today and I felt like makin cookies. yes I do have a heart shaped cup measure. :)
Bonus pic - once they were done. Peanut butter!


  1. Wish those peanut butter cookies were right here next to me!

  2. I have to get that book by Robert Darnton, looks interesting. Love all the pine needles. I can almost smell those cookies. Thanks for sharing.