Friday, February 24, 2012

Last full week of Feb! Photo a day

Feb 18 - "Drink" This was very yummy.

Feb 19 - "Something I hate to do" That would be dishes. blech.

Feb 20 -"Handwriting" A very cool fabric postcard I just received in the post card swap. It says "Guess you are freezing while we are sweltering her in tropical Queensland" Yup, we ARE freezing.

Feb 21- "A fav photo of you" I don't have too many, but I don't mind this one.

Feb 22 - "Where you work" yeah, I wish. I did not take this, but I DO work in a library so this is my dream library. :)


  1. always luv your posts Cheryl...absolutely luv the library I am a fan..

  2. I'd love to work in a library. The dust and mold would kill my allergies, but I'd still love it.

  3. Cute photo of you Cheryl and I love the library photo--an old fashioned library would be fun to work in--but our library here is one of the most fast paced stressful places to work--I worked for a short time at the circulation checkout desk and it was crazy busy!! I want to work in a library where you poke around quietly shelving books!

  4. congrats on keeping it up this far - I'm amazed I have! will you be doing March? totally agree about the dishes - yuk! And yes, that library looks like somewhere you could lose yourself for hours (provided it was warm and gave out blankets and biscuits! What's a book without a biscuit?!)