Friday, April 6, 2012

I love books...

and my library! Here are some I have right now.

Can't wait to start!

Oh, and Happy Easter!


  1. Oh these books look great--particularly the mail art book. Haven't heard from you in a while!!

  2. I too love books - try to use the library vs the book store...not doing well with that this past few months. Got Jill Berry's, Seth Apter's, Traci Bautista's and then the best of the lot "life is a verb," by Patti Digh...I get my fiction at the library at least. Thanks for sharing your books - gives me ideas too. Lori de Froup

  3. That's a great pile, Cheryl ! I am particularily fond of the third one. Since I happen to have had two pieces of my art chosen to be in it. Hee hee !
    Such great inspiration all around. Enjoy !

    PS - hope your Easter weekend was a sweet one !

  4. how is the Mail Art book, cheryl? looks good...!x