Sunday, February 4, 2007

Weird things

There's a meme going around about 6 weird things.. I thought I would post some of mine. This was fun... asking everyone do you think this is weird? and what's weird about me? So here goes:

1. I ask a lot of questions. I have mentioned that before and I guess it annoys some people, but I just have to KNOW!

2. I dont like coffee... or tea or anything mocha flavoured. I like the SMELL of some coffees but the only thing I like that is hot is hot chocolate and only if I'm cold.

3.I talk fast. Like on the phone people are WHAAAAT? Say that again and Sloooooowwwer.

4.I keep track of my money. That may not seem weird but I mean I have to know within a couple bucks where it went. I usually do not write it down and then I'm rackin my brain wondering where it went!

5. I have to have my bedsheets untucked. The first thing at a hotel is to untuck all the covers. I cant STAND to have my feet constricted and in the summer half the time they are stickin out. At home, I use a duvet cover so there are no sheets to tuck in!

6. I have to have my sandwiches upside right. Meaning - the meat has to be on the bottom of the bun or sub bun or whatever, then the cheese and toppings. Meat on the bottom!! I know.....

For the pic above...Remember these little guys? They were in packs of Red Rose tea back in the 70's. I 've got some up on ebay right now. I remember getting them out of the tea! This one is the house that Jack built and is part of a set of nursery rhymes.

Talk later,

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