Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What a cat!

Look at this cat...

Crazy! yes that is our ROOF. This is a stray cat that we feed, but he is too skittish to stay inside. Sarah saw him on a lower roof and then he just walked up the SLOPE like it was nothin. He then laid down and gave me the look and then made himself at home.

We had heard things on the roof before, but we thought it was racoons or squirrels - not the CAT.

How does he get down and up? Not a clue - we have no places he can jump up on. I guess he climbed the tree!lol


  1. Maybe the cat thinks he's Snoopy! LOL!

  2. OHGosh...how funny. I'm sure that would be where my two would be if they could get out. LOL.

  3. hi cheryl, it's kecia from the charmsters group! i am enjoying your blog! one time outside my window (which is on the 2nd floor), i awoke to my cat growling. when i peeked out the window, there was a stray black cat out there harassing my cat! so i hissed at it and scared the bejesus out of it! it was so scared it sprayed through my window! yuck!