Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kreativ Blogger award

I got this award from Janet and Lisa. Thanks Guys!

Now as part of the award I have to do seven things:
(1)Post the image of the award
(2)Thank the person who gave it to me.
(3)Link to the person who gave it to me
(4)Tell you seven things about myself that you wouldn't know
(5)Choose seven great bloggers to give this award to.
(6)Give a link to their blogs
(7)Leave them a message on their blog.

This might be a little difficult, because any of you that have been reading this blog know quite a lot already!

1. The house I am living in now is my 21st.
2. All these moves have been in ON, Canada
3. Where I am now is the longest at 7 years.
4. I went to college for Graphic Design in Toronto and left after first year because I knew I couldn't be that precise (no computers!!) and have to live in a city. That field has all changed now and I could work where ever I wanted and use a computer... so it is an option at some point.
5. I am an only child and the mother of one.
6. I am left handed and love it! I think we are a special breed.
7. I crave alone time and that could be a product of #5.

I am not going to tag anyone. Anyone that wants to play - feel free!

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