Friday, September 17, 2010

A little getaway.

I have to blog about a getaway I took with Sarah before she started school... we went to the nearest city and took a couple days for shopping.

I decided to treat her to a hotel downtown and then we could make a couple days of it.

I picked the Hotel Belvedere since it was a great price and close to downtown. Plus it looked really cool! It has 20 unique rooms and its like a large bed and breakfast.

This photo is from their website and shows the front and the great patio where we had breakfast. Nice stone wall and plantings everywhere.

When we got there she asked me if I minded being upgraded to a bigger room - huh? NO!
She sent us up to the 2nd floor and we opened our door to this...

EEK! Original fireplace and 12 foot ceilings, bay window, antique furniture with a brass bed, original wood floors and tile in the bathroom and even a little kitchen. It was so cool. The stairs in the above picture went up to a walk in closet. I could live here! What a cool studio apt this would make.

All of the shutters were original and wood and closed and opened. With a great view as well.

All brass keys - a REAL key.

The tile in front of the fireplace.


And a confusing door above the bathroom door. Like WHERE does that go? And how do you get there?

Tile floor on the kitchen and bath.

Sarah thought it was ok (she's more of a modern girl) and she liked the free wifi on each floor - I was in my element and loved it all! I thoroughly recommend it.

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