Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Studio Tour

Labour Day Monday I had a nice hour to myself and took myself to this...

I loved the idea of it being a walking tour and all the artists were in one place and all the art looked cool too with a nice variety.

It was really cool! They had the booths all set up on walking paths in the woods and also music and food set up.

I loved all kinds of things, but the painted chairs by Alice Hinther were neat and she had all kinds of jewelry with vintage papers which is right up my alley.

I also thought the rug hooking was really nice. She dies all her own wool and then cuts them and hooks them onto canvases of her own designs. Her name is Loretta Moore (no website)

And this guy blew me away! Jean Pierre Schoss had this giant moose made of recycled metal at the front gate and then tons of other things. I liked the metal flowers and all kinds of objects made of old propane and oil tanks and other metals. Check out his website here.

There were also other metal ornaments, a knife maker - awesome! , jewelry, stained glass, carving, painting and stone sculpture.

I am definitely planning on going back next year when I have more time. Wonderful!

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  1. Those chairs were the first thing that caught my eye and I also love hooked rugs--wish I had been walking along with you!