Friday, November 25, 2011

This is November??

You sure wouldn't know it by the weather - double digits again and all weekend!

NOv 19 - I have had this leather journal for about 3 years now and it is still empty! I don't want to "wreck" it or use it for just anything. I am thinking of doing a sketch a day so it might be good for that...

Nov 20 - Too many ideas and not knowing what to do first? That is me to a T and hopefully I can get guidance with this book. I am a full fledged scanner - anyone with me?

Nov 21 - Movies on the go.

Nov 22 - Found a great blog. Art Propelled - wonderful art and inspiration all the way from South Africa.
Nov 23 - Playing some more with my camera...

Nov 24 - Book day! some great ones in here.

Nov 25 - The light was very cool this aft and caught these dying flowers.

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  1. The advantages of working at the library! You are always privy to the latest books!