Friday, December 2, 2011


Nov 26 - On the way to work...

Nov 27 - Lovin this book!

Nov 28 - My daughters closet door - covered in post cards I make and send her every week.

NOv 29 - My birthday and had to work. Just one book to show this week!

Nov 30 - Christmas lights.

Dec 1 - Some snow.

Dec 2- And lots more today!


  1. I love your photos, Cheryl.. I especially loved the holly berry one and the snow one at the end. As much as I don't like winter, at least it can be very pretty. Your photos make winter look so beautiful! Great job at doing photographs every day!

  2. Cheeryl-who is the Artist Journal book by? I love the snow and lights photos!

  3. Your photos are ALWAYS great!!!! ...Carol!