Friday, December 16, 2011

Almost done!

I have enjoyed doing the pic a day but I will be honest and say I will be glad when it is over. :) I like to take photos when inspired, not on a timeline. And those that know me, know I don't like to be told what to do. lol

I hope to do another project, just not sure what yet...

Dec 10 - Love these wood pencil crayons!! I just want to take pics of them and not use them!

Dec 11- These are all tiny magnets - so cute!

Dec 12 - Christmas bags are out to get packing.

Dec 13 - A smaller pile this week.

Dec 14 - A nice card in the mail - Sarah peeking out there. Just a FEW years ago.

Dec 15 - I love a great thriller! Good so far.

DEc 16 - Poinsettias at work...

Hmm, a little red theme goin on - didn't notice till I uploaded them all. tis the season!


  1. So impressed with your perseverance!!!

  2. I've enjoyed looking at your photos - so interesting! But I do understand about the photo a day thing. I tried it at the beginning of the year and lasted almost one month. Congratulations to you for sticking it out all this time!!

  3. Wow. It's amazing how you've stuck with this. It will be interesting to see how your photography continues after focusing on it for so long.

  4. I too, am impressed. And I have enjoyed your photos of your everyday stuff! Lori de Froup