Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dec 17-23

Dec 17 - My copious amounts of pine needles covered with some snow.

DEc 18 - A cute christmas card.

Dec 19 - A flying squirrel. YES IN THE HOUSE. what a pain. And of course I had to stop and take a photo!

Dec 20 - Library day.

Dec 21 - Packed to go.

Dec 22 - The book I am reading right now.

Dec 23 - Frost at my Moms.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and holiday time off!


  1. How did you get the squirrel out??

  2. Great photos, Cheryl! I've never seen a flying squirrel. Are there many of them by your house?

    I love the frosty photos. We need some frost around here!

  3. Rocky and Bullwinkle would be proud. Remember them? Love you photos especially the pine needles. You put me to shame with your pile of books.

  4. It all looks so wonderful, your daughter the cosiness of baking with snow outside, your books and craft stuff, the squrrel and your new purchase. I for one love your life in the woods and I keep a pic of your cabin on my PC.
    I see you had a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!