Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 6

" Makes you smile"

Nuff said. :)

I like keeping track of my books for each week too, so I am putting that one in here too.

Some good ones this week!

If you like the photo challenge - check out more blogs here and their takes. I can't wait to look through all of these!


  1. This definitely made ME smile!!

  2. You are off to a really great start - love your photos.

  3. Who wouldn't smile? Pretty colors and all the excitement of potential :)

  4. Oh, and checking out your books...I love Robert Rauschenberg...not so much that I like looking at his art. Some of his stuff is a little too way out for me, but I more appreciate his thought processes involved in making his art. Have you ever seen his interview about the "Erased DeKooning"?