Friday, July 27, 2007

Mail Art!!

This is my mail art for the next swap on swap bot. I needed to do 10 and I finished today! I could have just done 10 envelopes all the same and been done, but I wanted to make it a bit more personal for the people who receive them. I took these pictures before I put any addresses on to protect them.

This is a recycled postcard and this girl likes postal stuff and vintage writing. This is going to California.

This is a recycled postcard and she likes vintage patterns. This is going to Sweden.

Another recycled postcard and she likes quilting and maps and traveling, so I combined them. This is going to CA too.

She likes vintage advertising and cats so I made an envelope out of a vintage ad! Her address is going from his mouth. It is going to Isreal.

This girl loves paisley so I made an envelope out of paisley paper and added some paper and fabric to it. This is going to Colorado.

This guy loves space and scifi and weird things so I redid an invitation and put some scifi and spacey things on it. This is going to B.C. I put his address on the white part.

This girl likes animals so I did a puzzle and glued it and them attached it to a board to make a handmade postcard. This is going to Maryland.

This is another handmade postcard I painted and then put on a turtle picture which I outlined in gold. She loves turtles! It is going to Illinois.

This handmade envelope was made with rose paper. She loves pink and green and shabby chic and this is going to Australia.

This handmade envelope is made with awesome paper. She loves design and neat stationary and this is going to Seattle.

I hope you enjoyed my parade of mail art!

I had fun making them and it makes it neat to personalize it a bit. What makes it exciting too, is that I am going to get 10 back! From all over the world and I have no idea where.

How cool is that?


  1. cheryl - 10 decorated envelopes on their way to lucky destinations....think how you'll be multiplying the love! thanks for joining the mail art crusade by sharing your work with the team! hope you get many colorful returns!

  2. Excellent! How cool (and creative!) that you would make something so different for each recipient!

  3. cheryl - these are wonderful - and each is so distinctive - very inspired and inspiring...

    xox - eb.

  4. Hi Cheryl,
    You've got some really lucky friends! I especially like the envelope made from the ad w/the cat... I'm jealous, I wish it were coming to my house!

  5. Hi Cheryl!
    Your envelopes & postcards are amazingly personalized ~ the folks who get these in the mail are lucky indeed!

  6. What a beautiful variety! All so very different and unique. What fun that must have been to make them all. Luck recipients!

  7. Wow---what a variety! I decide which I like the best. Great Job!