Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Altered tag swap

Wednesday already! Holy. Hope everybody had a good weekend. I went to an auction sale on Sat - nice day but I didnt want to spend it all day there! But there was so much stuff and the things I was waiting for- of course were near the last. We went for a drive on Sunday and that was nice. Got some new macs! (Apples) and had to get some fudge. We stopped at a few yard sales and didnt get a thing! Monday Sarah came home and we went through all her clothes and school stuff and the day was good.

She started school yesterday and likes her classes ok. As much as you can like them in Grade 10. Homework already and in English.

Yesterday I attempted to clean out my shed - which someday is going to be my work area - HA! Seriously - that is the plan, but if you saw the pics and NO I am not gonna show them here till the AFTER pics, you would laugh too. It is so full of supplies, that I can hardly move! I made a dent in it yesterday tho and got rid of a bunch of cardboard I didnt need and sorted some things. I need room out there so I can move stuff from the house. Neverending! I have cut back on bringing more home - sort of - and need to get this organized so I can have room to work. Sound familiar?

I finished these tags up this morning and now I have to finish a collage and then ebay this afternoon.

This girl liked ocean themes, sci - fi and halloween. so I made a tag for each!

And then a little extra one too.

Artfest registration opened yesterday! I am so excited- I put mine in a while ago and can't wait to see what happens. Anyone else going?

I'm also working on the sweet and sinister swap put on by artsy mama and I am excited about making things for that.

I'll keep you updated!

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